Luggage label: mark your luggage for your holidays

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Holidays are coming up, it’ll soon be time to pack your suitcase and get on the train or the plane. So before you leave, don’t forget to add a personalised suitcase name tag to make it easier to find in case of loss or mix-up! Luggage labelling is compulsory on trains. Don’t waste any more time and personalise your luggage label with just a few clicks! 

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Personalised luggage tags 

To make it easier to identify your or your children’s luggage, we have designed a range of 100% customisable suitcase tags. In case of loss or theft of your suitcases, bags and backpacks, these luggage tags will be essential for identification.  

luggage tag

Our luggage tags are available in two formats: a wooden hanging tag or a self-adhesive label to stick on your luggage.  

The wooden suitcase tags can be personalised on both sides. Made from Jura beech wood, they are resistant to bad weather (rain or sun) and can be fully personalised. You can choose the model, the font and the colour, for a tailor-made label. All you have to do is fill in the key information (address, name and telephone). To attach the label to your suitcase, bag or briefcase, simply make a sliding knot on the handle using the waxed cotton tie. No more need for a tag holder or printing your luggage tag each time, just undo the knot to attach it to another suitcase! Recyclable.  

The self-adhesive luggage label is stuck directly onto your suitcase. You can also personalise the colour of the label and add your details. An easy, simple and practical way to avoid losing your belongings.   

How do you label your luggage?

To identify your luggage, a few details must be written on the label, allowing passengers to quickly contact the person responsible:  

  • – First and last name  
  • – Postal address 
  • – Telephone number  

The advantage of having a tag on your luggage is that it makes it easier for the agent or the person who finds your luggage to trace you. They can then notify you immediately if your luggage is lost or stolen.  

For children, remember to indicate your telephone number, or that of the person responsible. Our luggage tags allow you to add four lines of text.  

Label your luggage for the train or the plane

For many airlines or train, each piece of luggage must be labelled, without which your suitcase can be considered as abandoned or lost, at the risk of being destroyed later. By adding an luggage tag, you increase the chances of finding your belongings if they are lost or misplaced. To make it easier to locate your suitcase and clearly identify you as owner, without risking confusion, attach a fully customisable luggage tag. With a personalised label, you can easily identify your luggage by making it unique!  

When going to summer camps, it is sometimes difficult for children to find their bag in the luggage compartment of the bus. With their own personalised luggage, there’s no need to panic!  

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