How to remove an iron-on label ?   

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Have you bought some second-hand clothes or are you looking to sell clothes that are too small, but need the iron-on label removing first? Petit-Fernand will give you useful tips and tricks for detaching and removing iron-on labels.  

Remove an iron-on label from clothes

Iron-on name labels are known for their high quality and staying on over time. Whether you want to sell a garment or simply change the name written on the label, it is entirely possible to remove an iron-on label from the fabric.  

iron on label

Follow these steps:  

  1. 1/ Cut out a square of aluminium foil larger than the iron-on label. 
  1. 2/ Set your iron to 150° (wool temperature). 
  1. 3/ Place the aluminium foil on the thermo-adhesive label and gently iron the sheet. 
  1. 4/ Remove the foil using pliers to avoid getting your fingers burnt. 

By ironing the aluminium foil, you should be able to soften the label. This technique works on most fabrics such as synthetics or cotton, but is not suitable for woollen clothes.  

Children’s clothes (t-shirts, jeans, pullovers, coats) and work clothes (nurse’s uniform, care worker’s outfit, kitchen jacket etc.) can be relabelled using new customisable labels.  

Our Iron-on Clothing Label

Check out our first name iron-on labels designed to easily brand and identify clothes. All you need to do is customise the label by adding your child’s first and last name, choosing the illustration, colours and typeface and that’s all there is to it!  

clothing label iron on

For all you parents who would rather not iron, also check out our stick-on clothing labels. 100% customisable, they stick directly onto the brand label and detach easily as well.