Stick-on labels to mark pencils

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Felt pens, lead pencils, Stabilo alternatively pens are the loyal companions of your children. But, they have this unfortunate tendency to disappear… Therefore, to save you the trouble of buying them every month, we have THE solution : the stick-on labels to identify your pencils and pens. Thanks to Petit-Fernand, no more lost pencils!

stick-on labels pencils

Our stick-on labels to personalise your pencils

School pencils disappear very quickly from school kits…Your children trade and lend ink pens, felt pens and their scissors in class. Sometimes, they also lose their supplies. In readiness for back to school this year, we’re going to help you through our stick-on labels for pens and pencils. Everything can be identified!

Our named labels can be applied on any type of pencils with a smooth surface. They will help you to be better organised. Choose your text and put your child’s first name on his pens through our self-adhesive labels. Their size are compatible with all the pencil case essentials of your little ones : ink pen, ball-point pen, gel pen, lead pencil, coloured pencils.

Marking pencils and felt pens for the child

Practical and declinable with the text, the colour and the illustrations of your choice, these labels can be applied in a few seconds on all the pens. Your little ones can easily find their pens with their personalised labels and recognise them at a glance. It’s simple as a child’s play.

Choose from over 150 illustrations, 38 background colours and 11 fonts to personalise your labels for pens and pencils. There’s something for everyone and this will not displease your children.

You can choose the size of your pencils labels as well as their content to adapt them to your pens shapes, from the thinnest to the widest. Say good bye to lost pencils!

In addition to our labels for school pens, there are many sizes. Discover particulary our round labels for glue sticks, our 4 lines size, perfect for notebooks or alternatively our size specially adapted for adhesive rolls.

And find out also…

And to help them every day and mark all their school essentials, think about our multi pack labels to mark not only their pencils but also their notebooks, pencil cases or their books and textbooks.