Reindeer Advent calendar

DIY for kids
90 mn-Difficult-12 Steps
 You were wondering which type of art you could create with your kiddos for Christmas?
Don’t go anywhere, we have right here what you need… A beautiful reindeer as an Advent calendar 🙂
Reindeer Advent calendar DIY

For this DIY, you will need:

  • a plastic bottle
  • newspapers
  • wallpaper glue or vinyl glue and flour
  • paint
  • felt pens
  • a marker
  • 2 nice branches
  • a rock (to stabilise the head)
  • foam or modelling clay (to stick the antlers)
  • a cutter / a pair of scissors
  • and… string or thread
Reindeer Advent calendar DIY

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It was the DIY Wednesday, made by Calie! Find out more creative ideas on her blog Idée Créative and her Facebook page 🙂