The final countdown!

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December is around the corner and fairy lights, red, white and gold decorations are coming out on the streets and in our favourite shop windows…

Christmas is not far away, but not there yet.

However, there is a good reason why children can’t wait for December to start: it’s time to tuck into the Advent calendar!

This calendar, made to count days until Christmas, teach the children how to be patient and reasonable, opening one compartment a day, to discover delicious chocolate inside. And what a surprise to discover that we forgot to eat yesterday’s chocolate, and realise that we can eat twice as much in a row! Yep, “we”, because the grown-ups are also allowed to appreciate an Advent calendar. After all, you’re not the only one to eat up 15 chocolates in one day, before closing back the compartments, without leaving and trace, right?

To be honest, advent calendars that are sold in supermarket are often expensive and not that tasty. This year, to please the whole family, you can create your own! Children can participate and create their own, it would make them take care of it. We offered you a selection of Advent calendars before, but let’s see what we can upcycle with what you already own.

For a cute and chic touch, you could choose to make a reindeer Advent calendar with little pockets or Christmas decorations hung up to the antlers. Kids can also participate: cutting duties are for the grown-ups but little ones love papier-mâché! Moreover, you can use your homemade calendar next year, as you would just need some paint to give it a fresh and new look.

Advent calendar

If you have more than one child, and a lot of patience, you could easily create this Crackers Advent calendar! Just add a cracker a day for each of your children, so that everybody can open his own on the right date. Also, in case of a family reunion and with a little bit of creativity, transform your Advent calendar into gift pockets! It’s easy, you just need to replace the dates by the names of your relatives – one or a few each, filled with little gifts and surprises, just like Christmas stockings!

Advent calendar

For instance, you can make a pearl garland with little pockets to insert your treats. Simple, efficient, perfect if you have children in various age groups: you can hang the pockets at various heights, so that each child has his treats.

If your kids are a little bit older, or if you prefer them having little surprises than chocolate, the crafty calendar is perfect: very little is needed, just use bigger pouches to fill them with stickers, keyrings, little teddies, etc. Also, you will have enough space for more than one surprise in each if you have several children.


You are all set for the countdown to December 25th! ?