Easy Christmas dinner ideas to make with kids

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The Holiday Season is all about magic, gifts… and festive meals! Just for you, here are great ideas to adorn your table with the loveliest decorations and a tasty menu, to the delight of your family and guests!

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We look forward to this time of year many months ahead, and it gets worse year after year… Some of us cannot wait, we feel in a joyful mood many weeks in advance! Who hasn’t opened an Advent calendar in November or even started their Christmas Tree before December? And those of us who really have a sweet tooth particularly enjoy these times, punctuated by so many yummy meals!

And yet, Christmas is also a wonderful holiday for the eyes, with all the lovely decorations. You can start by placing nice DIY Christmas place cards, or DIY Gingerbread Houses next to your guests. And what about the atmosphere? Well, our Christmas DIY Candle Holders will bring about a delightful subdued lighting, just perfect for a Christmas Eve’s dinner. And for the final touch of decoration, embrace the “green attitude” by creating our DIY Christmas wreath.

Your table is now ready and it’s time to get down to business! You’re the ones entertaining this year? Put on your finest aprons and off to the kitchen, with a Christmas playlist in the background (yes we all have at least one;-). If they’re not old enough to partake in the preparations of this big festive meal, ask your little ones to help decorate by doing wonderful free printable Christmas colourings!

You’re not the finest chef? Don’t panic, we’ve come up with a list of simple but very tasty recipes that will impress your guests. Ding ding ding it’s time for Christmas Eve’s dinner! Whatever the menu you’ve chosen to prepare, the atmosphere will be warm and welcoming. It all begins with Christmas snacks and starters. Yes, because a Christmas party without snacks is like a Christmas morning without presents! Young and old will enjoy this sweet and savoury aperitif, fun and tasty. Offer your guests beautiful home-made nibbles that’ll open their appetite without ruining it for the main course! Shape them as a snowman, a reindeer or Father Christmas, and let your creativity run free!

In between courses, have fun together by keeping alive the Christmas crackers tradition! Filled with surprises and sweets, everybody will be super happy, that’s for sure! And now comes the best part of the meal, you all know that… dessert! Whether you prefer the original Yule log or the Yule log lollipops version, everybody will be absolutely delighted! And if you still want to add variations and fantasy to the party, try our candy cane cookies!

Impression guaranteed. Also, discover our traditional chocolate truffles… irresistible! And finally you can make a chocolate Christmas tree to share (or not 😉 There are so many Christmas desserts to try that it would be a shame to leave some behind! Discover many recipes to make with your kids on our blog, for the delight of the whole family.

Once the meal is over, don’t forget to leave something to eat and drink for father Christmas and the reindeers, they’ll love it! They need to regain strength after their long trip from the North Pole! The nibbles and treats left under the tree or near the fireplace will all disappear, swallowed on the spot or taken away to share with the elves at teatime. Let’s prepare them a cup of real home-made cocoa and delicious Christmas biscuits, like gingerbread men, so they finish their round with a full stomach! And don’t forget the brave reindeers, without whom all this couldn’t happen! They’ll love a few healthy carrots.

Christmas dinner menu and decoration ideas

Opening the presents is THE moment, so joyful, that we all look forward to, whether you do it after the aperitif, after the yule log or the next morning! Discover all our great ideas for personalised gifts in our special Christmas selection.