Tropical birthday party

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You cannot miss it – the tropical trend is in full swing! From palm trees to pineapples and cactuses, this summer everything is 100% tropical… even our labels!

What could be more interesting for your kids than transforming into little adventurers in a vast jungle for a birthday? Your children will love this summery and colourful party.

First of all, let’s prepare some pretty table decorations for your little ones and their friends.

To create an atmosphere of the tropics, gather the plants and all the bright colours. However, you don’t need to buy a thousand and one tropical plant! Instead, make a Pebble Cactus – with some help of your kids, it will be a quick and entertaining activity.

After, add a touch of colours to a paper tablecloth or any decorative items using our DIY Tropical Foam Stamps. This will create a wild atmosphere and take everyone on both sides of the tropical equator.

DIY and Activity Ideas for Tropical Kids Party

No more plastic cups that belong to no one and are left abandoned in the four corners of the living room! Now you can design small personalised labels to mark the cups with a name of each party guest.

To stay in the theme, choose a tropical background and one of the many pretty illustrations: pineapples, turtles, parrots, cacti or Hawaiian flowers. Every child can have a different illustration next to their name, so they will never lose their own personalised cup!

Also, do not hesitate to use green tablecloths, patterned napkins, paper tropical leaves, colourful flowers and our tropical goodies to decorate your table. Finally, why not add some decorative umbrellas to your drinks or little pots of ice cream? There you go, your table is ready!

DIY and Activity Ideas for Tropical Kids Party

To bring some action to the party – activities to organise for kids

Tropical adventures mean confronting savage beasts! For this, we have prepared a Crocodile Cup and Ball game to keep the kids busy for at least a short while! Later in the afternoon, you can organise a show of Savanna Animals String Puppets to immerse them in an incredible story about a jungle. Finally, to finish off this nice birthday, what could be better than making a sand castle without having to go to the beach? Your little ones can create Homemade Sand to let their imagination run wild while staying in the garden.

There, you can organise a fun birthday party quickly and easily – and dive into the tropical mania!