Learn about space

Draw-me a pirate

What can be more mysterious that space?

Space is so vast and almost unexplored that it is no surprise that many kids have their head in the stars!
Kids ofter have many questions about planets, shooting stars, satellites, etc.

Why not learn about it while having fun?

With a learning part full for questions and answers, a fun part to test your knowledge, and playing cards,
astronauts in the making will become unbeatable!

Fun Learning Activities and Games for Kids - Space

Download our free printable Learn About Space activities, that also include a card game about planets! There you will find many interesting facts about satellites,
shooting stars, astronauts and all our planets.

As for the games, there are also pictures to colour, dots to connect, and one famous
mnemonic phrase to remember the order of the planets in our Solar System, as well as a special cards game about planets.

Your kids are passionate about space? You can check out our space-themed illustrations for customisable clothing labels and sticky school name tags.
For an adventurous yet well-prepared new school year, discover our School Value Pack to label all their belongings!

For more tips, tricks and DIY ideas, have a look at our special spatial activities
and immerse your child into the universe of intergalactic explorations!