Garden labels for your seedlings, plants and vegetable garden  

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Is there anyone who’s never had doubts about the varieties they’ve sown?   
With the arrival of March, the nice weather is finally back. It’s getting milder and, of course, that makes you want to do a bit of gardening and bring an original touch to your little patch. Find out how to identify your seedlings and your various gardening tools to help you organise your vegetable garden with our personalisable stick-on labels. Brightening up your garden has never been easier with these practical and decorative seedling labels

Labels for your garden: vegetables, seedlings, plants, etc. 

A seedling label is the ultimate botanical identity card. These practical labels are a great way of remembering what you’ve planted and organising your plant nursery. As it’s not always easy to remember the exact names of your plants, herbs and flowers, using this type of reminder is very useful for finding your way around your vegetable garden.

Say goodbye to doubts about the contents of your seedling pots with our customisable stick-on labels. And the waterproof markers will bring charm to your garden too. Create your vegetable garden labels on our site in just a few clicks to identify what you plant and enhance your little green corner. Add the name of the plant, the date of planting and any other information you think is useful. All you have to do is fix them on to stakes or sticks and put them in the ground. That’s how to turn your favourite labels into good-looking identity cards for your seedlings! Follow the growth of your tomato, bell pepper, basil and courgette seedlings with complete peace of mind.

Do you want a bit of decoration? Our self-adhesive labels can also be used in your flower pots. This is the perfect opportunity to decorate your home, your balcony or your terrace. Discover a wide choice of themes and colours to customise your pots however you like. Add the text of your choice and identify your containers. There are many possibilities to mark and enhance your beautiful plants in your home or garden!

Create an educational vegetable garden

As well as being practical, our plant labels also make introducing children to gardening educational and fun.

To encourage your little ones to discover the secrets of the vegetable garden, mark your favourite tools. The spade, the rake, the pick and the hoe, without forgetting the planter and the watering can – all your essential tools can be identified with our customisable stick-on labels. Mark the name of the corresponding tool on our site with the illustration of your choice and make it recognisable for your little ones. Learning gardening and its vocabulary is more fun with Petit-Fernand.

Also, for an even more informative vegetable garden, consider putting more information on the labels than just the name of your seedling. You can include its origin, the variety, the ideal time of year to plant it or even the expected harvest date. Little visitors to your lovely garden will be delighted to learn alongside you and they will see the essential information about the names of the vegetables and how to grow them.

Make the most of the return of the good weather to sow some essential plants for your vegetable garden. You can sow garlic, chives, mint and even onions as early as March and they are easy to plant.
And if, like us, you love strawberries, rhubarb, carrots and tomatoes, this is also the right time of year to plant them.

On our blog, amateur gardeners can also find these instructions for sowing aromatic plants.