6 simple gestures to save water 

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Environmentalism is an important issue for which we are commited at Petit-fernand.

On the occasion of World Water Day which is held on 22 March, we present you a playful comic book to explain to children the simple habits to adopt for saving water every day.

You can download and print our comic book in PDF to show it where you want!

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Drinking water is a scarce and precious resource and remains a major climate concern. It’s a crucial issue not to waste it. It’s also essential to educate the future generations on the importance of this element for our life on earth.

With 141 L of water per day per person in the United Kingdom, we are relatively major users of water. However, it is easy to act by implementing some simple gestures for the whole family in everyday life.

Petit-Fernand is committed for the planet with its sustainable, reusable and useful products in everyday life. Our isothermal water bottles range has been created for helping families in their daily activities and limit the consumption of plastic bottled water. And then, they keep your drinks fresh and hot.