DIY Creation of nice glass flower pots  

DIY for kids
30 mn--4 Steps

The return of sunny days is an incentive to garden… Let’s suggest children to do a playful activity during which they let their imagination speak : the decoration of flower pots.
Let’s go to the kitchen taking the glass pots for canned vegetables and give them a second life with a nice paint creation. 😊 How about it? We are certain that the kids will have fun ! Let’s go! 👇



For this workshop, you will need: 

  • Our templates to download for free 
  • 3 glass pots (as jars or canned vegetables) 
  • Acrylic paint 
  • A wide flat brush and a thinner brush to write or draw 
  • Posca felt pens 
  • A small container of water 

You can also go into nature or a garden picking flowers to bring joyfulness in your home. One that might actually make children proud. 😍 And for the young gardeners, check out our DIY to learn how to plant your aromatic plants.