Home cleaning product recipe

DIY for kids
5 mn--5 Steps

Homemade products are more and more praised because we know perfectly their composition. It’s one of their many advantages.

Then, why buying our cleaning products while it’s so simple and quickly to do it yourself? Discover our recipe to make your all-purpose natural cleaner spray.

You can use it on almost any surface : work plan, bathroom, table, tile, stainless steel tap …But why “almost”? Some materials such as marble and polished wood will not cope with white vinegar.

On your sprays, go !

Petit-Fernand-DIY Cleaning Spray

For this workshop, you will need

  • 1 L of water 
  • 50 cl of white vinegar  
  • Orange or lemon zest
  • Essential oils 
  • 1 jar 
  • 1 vial with a spray 

Your 100% cleaning and natural product is ready! No need to rinse, your house will be purified and will smell good.

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