DIY daily routine chart for kids

DIY for kids
15 mn--5 Steps

How about suggesting kids an activity to develop their independence and gain confidence ? 😊 At Petit-Fernand, we thought about two charts only for kids to use on a day-to-day basis : “My morning routine” and “My night routine”.  

Playful and easy to create, they allow children to develop their timing skill and be more independent on their little daily routines.  

DIY daily chart

For this workshopyou will need: 

  • The templates to download and print for free 
  • A glue stick and duct tape 
  • A cut cardboard in A4 format 
  • A ribbon + 2 quite large pearls 
  • A pair of scissors and a cutter 
Daily chart essentials

Feel free to share with us some photos of these nice charts on our Instagram page @petit_fernand_uk with #petitfernand and #myroutine. We can’t wait to share your content in a story.😊