Forest Animals Puppets

DIY for kids
35 mn--5 Steps

How about making the most of carnival with the kids by organising a stimulating activity for their imagination ? The creation of puppets inspired by forest animals. 😉 The fox, the rabbit or the raccoon… These little forest inhabitants intrigue and fascinate children.

A DIY workshop to make with the kids on a Wednesday afternoon or the week end. Let’s escape to the children’s imaginary forest ! 😉


For this workshop, you will need :

  • The templates to download and print for free
  • A pair of scissors  2
  • Joiner’s glue 
  • Orange, grey, black and white paint 
  • A brush 
  • Newsprint  
  • 3 wooden forks or spoons 
  • A white pompon for the rabbit’s tail
  • Orange chenille thread  
  • Black, white or grey chenille thread for the raccoon’s tail

Children can have fun with these little figures in their imaginary universe… Moreover, if you enjoyed these little forest animals , they are available on our stick-on clothing labels for example, alternatively on different objects such as the lunchbox. 😉  And to make carnival last, find out our Petit Fernand Colouring at Carnival as well as a tasty doughnuts recipe. 😍