How do I choose a children’s water bottle?

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As a parent, it’s essential to ensure that your child stays well hydrated throughout the day, whether at school, during sports activities or on family outings. A suitable children’s water bottle is the ideal accessory to meet this need. 

But with so many options available on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Petit-Fernand has created this guide to help you make an informed decision about children’s bottles.  

Which bottle cap should I choose for nursery school?

When your child starts nursery school, it’s important to choose the right type of cap for their water bottle. Safety and practicality are the two key aspects to consider.  

The leakproof cap

For children aged 2 to 4, you can opt for the leakproof cap. You just need to know how to turn a quarter turn to remove the safety catch and drink. From this age, if they can drink from a straw, they can also switch to a straw-equipped bottle. 

toddler water bottle

The spout cap

One of the most popular options is the spout cap, which makes it easy for your child to drink without spilling any liquid. This type of cap usually has a locking mechanism to prevent leaks, which is ideal for when your child is on the move or carrying their water bottle in their rucksack.  

Children’s bottle with straw

Another common choice is the cap with a built-in straw for a practical and hygienic drinking experience. All your child has to do is pinch and suck on the straw to drink without spilling. Make sure you choose a cap that’s easy to open and close, so your child can manage to use it on their own.  

Children’s insulated water bottle

children water bottle

The insulated water bottle is the ideal choice for school and extra-curricular activities. Thanks to its stainless steel design, this water bottle is capable of keeping drinks cool for many hours, which is essential for providing your child with a refreshing and enjoyable drink throughout the day. The insulated bottle not only keeps liquids cool, it can also keep drinks hot, perfect for those winter days when your child needs a comforting drink.  

With attractive illustrations and durable materials, this isothermal bottle for nursery or school combines functionality and style, offering a practical and aesthetic solution to fulfil your child’s needs.  

Don’t wait any longer to discover our insulated children’s water bottle, perfect for school!  

Personalised children’s bottle

Discover the benefits of giving your child a personalised water bottle that’s specially dedicated to them! With a 100% customisable water bottle, your child can express their creativity and personality in a unique way. They’ll be able to choose from a host of personalisation options, including colourful patterns, fun designs and even the option of adding their name or initials.  

What’s more, a personalised water bottle is easily identifiable, reducing the risk of getting it swapped with another child’s bottle or getting lost. It can also be an excellent gift for birthdays or special occasions, giving your child a treasured keepsake.  

In short, opt for a lightweight, insulated children’s water bottle with an age-appropriate cap and a leak-proof opening system.