Paper snowflake

DIY for kids
5 mn--7 Steps

At daybreak, a vapour trail is still visible in the sky. Could it be the remains of a passing sleigh? Probably… with Christmas Eve approaching, Santa’s activity is in full swing! From Lapland, the reindeer criss-cross the sky to deliver the gifts that will enchant the children. 

You have told this story to your children more than once ; it is part of Christmas magic. To transport yourself into this fairytale, decorate your windows and your home with snowflakes. The good news? Making snowflakes is easy, just follow the paper snowflake DIY workshop. A new easy-to-organise craft activity, that your children will be delighted to do to add snow to the window stickers they’ve already stuck on ! 

For this DIY workshop, you will need :

  • A sheet of white (or coloured!) paper  
  • Scissors  

Have fun cutting out different patterns to display different shaped paper snowflakes!