Our tips for organising a picnic

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Organise a family picnic and delight your kids! Whether you’re having a picnic on the beach, in the mountains, at a park or on a school trip, here’s our advice and tips on how to prepare so you don’t forget anything!   

What do you need for a picnic? Our tips

Tip no. 1: think about equipment  

A picnic doesn’t require much equipment, so we’ve listed a few essentials for you: 
– A large tablecloth or blanket (that you don’t mind getting dirty)   
– Crockery (plates, cutlery, glasses or bottles: choose washable and reusable crockery or opt for recyclable disposable items)   
– Napkins (paper or cloth)  
– A cooler to keep your food fresh  
– A bin bag  

Tip no. 2: make simple and effective food  

Our secret to a successful picnic is to rely on recipes that can be eaten cold… Here are a few examples:   

– Homemade quiche, pie or pizza  
– Rice, pasta or tabbouleh salad   
– Wraps, club sandwich  
– Melon, small vegetables for dipping (cucumber, tomato, carrot, cauliflower…)  
– Salty snacks, crisps   
– Fruit, yoghurt and compote to drink or cake like a banana bread for example that’s easy to transport and eat! 

Of course, you can adapt your ideas to suit your children’s tastes – the main thing is to please them, and that includes the choice of food!   

When it comes to transporting all your food, use tupperware: it’s airtight and easy to store in your cooler. You can also think ahead by preparing individual lunchboxes for your little ones, so they can find everything they need straight away.  

Tip no. 3: stay hydrated!   

Don’t forget your drinks. You can pack a few soft drinks or, for example, make home-made lemonade. Staying hydrated is very important, especially in hot weather, so take several bottles of water for the whole family. For the fridge, you can opt for individual bottles, both for adults and for children.   

Tip no. 4: think about entertainment  

Organising a picnic also means thinking about entertainment. Take advantage of this family time to play board games, card games and so on. Put on some music, do a music quiz, dance. This is the time to forget your daily routine, work or school. In short, have fun!   

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What to take on a school picnic?

The school picnic is an ideal opportunity for pupils to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors with their classmates.  

For a school picnic, choose foods that are easy to prepare and transport. Here are some ideas of what you can take: 

1. Sandwiches: Prepare a variety of sandwiches with different fillings, such as ham, cheese, turkey, chicken, fresh vegetables and spreads like peanut butter or cream cheese.  

2. Salads: Opt for easy-to-eat salads such as pasta salad, rice salad, vegetable salad or fruit salad. Make sure you put them in tightly closed containers to avoid leaks. 

3. Fresh fruit: Take along fruit that’s easy to eat and share, such as grapes, melon slices, apples or oranges. Avoid fruit that can spoil easily, such as bananas. 

4. Crunchy vegetables: Cut up vegetable sticks, such as carrots, celery and cucumbers, and dip them in a sauce or dip. 

5. Healthy snacks: Include nutritious snacks such as cheese sticks, crackers, nuts, cereal bars or yoghurt drinks. 

6. Drinks: Bring soft drinks, such as bottled water, fruit juice or fruit drinks. 

7. Desserts: End your picnic on a sweet note with biscuits, muffins, granola bars or dried fruit. 

Be sure to pack food in airtight containers to keep it fresh and avoid spills. Don’t forget to bring plates, glasses, cutlery and paper napkins.