Customisable jar labels 

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Do you like to have a tidy kitchen, with natural-looking decoration and no waste? Petit-Fernand will show you how you can have a modern kitchen, with simple, clean decoration, thanks entirely to labels for jars. Who would have thought that these would be enough to decorate your home? But they are all as good-looking as they are practical. 

Personalised labels for jars and pots

Glass jars are becoming increasingly fashionable for storing your kitchen ingredients. They are convenient as an airtight way of storing food to stop it being affected by moisture. But to identify your different ingredients, you need to mark your pots and jars with customisable stick-on labels. You can also pour in homemade cleaning products, such as laundry detergent, multi-surface cleaners and soap.  

These jars will also allow you to make your favourite preserve recipes and keep them for a little longer. Don’t forget to identify your jars with personalised labels. You can also put your biscuits or cookies in jars, so they are not left in the open air. If you have young children, they might also encourage you to make your own baby food: purees, compotes, etc   

The best thing about our stick-on jar labels is that they can be used on many different surfaces: glass, wood and plastic. So at least you’ll have a choice of container!  

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You can also organise your cupboards, by transferring all your spices, herbs, pasta, rice and other foods into small jars and jars. That will make it easier to identify your products and maintain a consistent look throughout your kitchen.  

If you want to display the jars better, you can install wall shelves to put them on. You can put spices directly on your worktop so you have all your ingredients at hand when you cook.  

Discover our stick-on labels for jars 

Are you looking for a simple way to identify your food once you’ve transferred it into beautiful jars? We have the solution for you!  At Petit-Fernand, we offer you jar labels for bulk or homemade products.  

Our jar labels are available in multiple designs. First of all, we offer labels in different shapes: round, square, and rectangular. The round and square ones come in twos, while the rectangular ones (which are larger) come singly. Each shape is available with different backgrounds: flowers without colours, coloured flowers, a rainbow, etc. As well as the name of your product, you can write a short text, such as the list of ingredients needed for your favourite biscuits.  

It will now be easy to change your kitchen décor. All you need are a few jars and pots, your ingredients and our customisable labels. As well as being simple, it’s economical, because you can buy your products in bulk!   

And homemade product enthusiasts can find our tips for making homemade cleaning products on our blog.