The little hiker’s kit 

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Who says summer vacations are only about building sandcastles and rolling in the waves? We know that many of you enjoy the mountains and their landscapes when the snow melts and the grass grow. It’s the ideal time to go hiking and enjoy the fresh air of nature away from the city noise. The mountains have so many resources and landscapes to offer waterfalls, lakes, free-roaming herds of animals… A true haven of serenity. 

But when you go hiking in the mountains, you need the right equipment! Plan the hikes you want to do, to evaluate the time needed and the difficulty, and so equip your little hikers as well as possible before you leave. Shoes, cap, sunglasses, sun cream and of course the inevitable little backpack will undoubtedly be part of the trip! At the summit, with the altitude, it is possible that the weather will get colder, so don’t hesitate to bring a jumper or a fleece just in case. And for those who have the foresight, you can also think of a change of clothes… We are often tempted by a swim under waterfalls or in lakes!   

You can also predict and plan an activity to make compasses and binoculars out of cardboard to complete the tools of your little explorers. In addition, these small objects made from recycled materials will make the hike more fun, they will think they are real adventurers. It will also be an opportunity to understand how the points of the compass work and how to orientate oneself, because, in the mountains as in the city, a sense of direction is always useful!   

Once you reach the top, we know that every good hiker dreams of a little picnic to regain energy and prepare for the descent. Fortunately, at Petit-Fernand we have products that are perfectly adapted to this type of situation.  Our personalised lunchbox is as practical as it is indispensable with its 1000 ml capacity. Composed of several compartments, you can store your kid’s picnic directly in it without any hassle: sandwiches, vegetables, chips, cakes, fruit salad… All they have to do is eat! You don’t have to leave your trash behind at the mountain’s top, which is another plus. Help your children develop the right behaviour to help the planet from an early age. 

Finally, it is important to stay hydrated in hot weather, especially when exerting physical effort, so invest in isothermal water bottles! This product not only keeps your water cool all day, but it also helps the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles. On our online store, we have customisable water bottles for adults and children that are both practical and attractive! 

And now you’re ready to conquer the mountain trails!