DIY cardboard compass and binoculars

DIY for kids
30 mn--5 Steps

This is an excellent way to experience the fresh air of nature, whether in the forest or in the mountains! To complete the little hiker’s tools, we recommend completing this 2-in-1 workshop : make a compass and binoculars out of cardboard! This workshop will help your children develop their sense of direction and curiosity to discover the animal and plant species hidden in nature. It is quick and easy to make using recycled materials. 

You can also downloard our moutain couloring.

For this workshop, you will need :

Cardboard compass for children 

  • 1 piece of cardboard   
  • 1 tin lid   
  • 1 pair of scissors   
  • 1 binder   
  • 1 compass rose template   
  • 1 needle template   
  • 1 pencil   
  • 1 tube of glue   

Cardboard binoculars for children :   

  • 2 rolls of cardboard toilet paper   
  • 1 mountain/camouflage theme template   
  • 1 ribbon   
  • 1 tube of glue   
  • 1 pair of scissors    
  • 1 cork   

They are ready to go on an adventure!