Treasure hunting

DIY for kids
30 mn--7 Steps

It’s the holidays, and you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained. Why not host a treasure hunt? In the house, the garden, the park near your house… There are so many solutions that are simple to implement… An activity loved by children! Download and print our free treasure hunt map template, then fill it in with your clues and hide a treasure, and you are good to go!  

A children’s treasure hunt worthy of the greatest adventurers!

The principle is simple: find clues leading to a treasure. The map, cut into 4 pieces, becomes a puzzle. Once the child finds the last one (the one with the treasure drawing), he/she can put the pieces and the clues together to find the final hiding place: the treasure.   

Allow your imagination to run wild when writing the clues, depending on the location of the hunt. You can keep it simple like “The second clue is in the coldest place in the house” (the fridge). Or write in a more enigmatic way using riddles, writing backwards, playing with numbers and letters… Like “NI EHT NEDRAG” (IN THE GARDEN).   

And, in order to complete the game, we will demonstrate how to make the card look older in just a few minutes. 


For this workshop, you will need :

  • Our templates to download and print for free (preferably on cardboard) 
  • A cup of water 
  • 1 bag of instant coffee    
  • 1 brush    
  • 1 pen or marker   
  • 1 pair of scissors   
  • 6 strings   

You can choose something simple like a candy for the treasure; even a small gift is often appreciated by children. 

You can also print our pirate colouring pages to end the activity on a calm and creative note.