10 Christening gift ideas

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Spring is coming with the start of Christening season. Solemn or secular, this symbolic event for the child is also a privilegied moment for parents, grandparents and the loved ones.  

Godfather, godmother or guest, are you looking for a Christening gift to offer? Here are our 10 ideas gifts for girl and boy : original, personalised or sustainable gift, there is something for everyone.

Our personalised gift ideas to offer for christening

According to tradition, we must be able to offer a gift to a child while we are invited to his christening. Therefore, why not opt for a personalised gift ?

Christening medals and bracelets

If you wish for a traditional gift, christening medals and bracelets are must-have that the child can keep throughout his life. They are adaptable on the basis of his personality : made of gold, silver with a nice and round angel or dove-shaped medal, with the first name of the child or his birth date, everything is possible !

Personalisable onesie

If you are looking for a more original and practical gift, think about personalisable onesies with the child’s first name or his birth date.

Photo puzzle

For an original but more playful gift, prefer kid friendly photo puzzles ! You choose the photo and the size, and you’re done. This creative activity will enliven family days.

Isothermal water bottle

Do you want a sustainable gift ? Go for one of our personalised and isothermal water bottles to be with the child wherever he goes. 100% personalisable with a large choice of illustrations and colours, this gift will surely please!

Christening gifts for girl and boy

Find a christening gift idea that suits both girls as well as boys is not always easy, here is our selection :

Money Box

Whether for placing coins from tooth fairy, birthdays or handsel, a money box is always an useful object. It can be found in all shapes and colours, you’ll be sure to find one that is right for the little one to spoil.

Night light

An owl, a rabbit, a tortoise, a whale, an unicorn, they are different shapes of night lights. There are also several materials and universes : made of silicone, water effects and soothing sounds. This gift will make all the little ones’ nights magical.

Nursery rhymes book

The little bedtime story before sleeping is essential for children. Therefore, you are sure to please your little one. You can also opt for audio books : The smallest will listen to their favourite stories whenever they want.


Learning to read the time is a great step in a child’s life. You will have a large choice of patterns, colours and design to satisfy the lucky guy. Whether he can read the time or not yet, he will be pleased to get his first watch.

If you did not have some christening gifts ideas to offer as a guest, we hope this article would help you.

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