10 Christening gift ideas

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Spring is here and with it comes the christening season. Whether formal or non-religious, this symbolic event for the child is also a special moment for parents, grandparents and relatives. 
Godfather, godmother or guest looking for a gift to give at a christening? Here are our 10 ideas for christening gifts for girls and boys: original, customisable or long-lasting, there’s something for every taste and age. 

List of christening gift ideas 

Personalised christening gifts such as medals and bracelets are the most symbolic and often the most appreciated. Personalised with the child’s first name and date of birth, this is a piece of jewellery that will accompany them throughout their childhood and life.  

It is also common for parents to set up a christening list to provide gift ideas and avoid duplication.  

Gift ideas for godparents at christenings

Traditionally, the godfather and godmother have an important role and place in the child’s life. They work together to give a symbolic gift that will remain engraved in the child’s memory: a christening medal or a bracelet personalised with the child’s first name and date of birth can be an unforgettable gift idea.  

Christening gift ideas for boys and girls

1/ Christening medals and bracelets :

If you’re looking for a traditional gift, christening medals and bracelets are a must-have that the child can keep for the rest of their life. These can be adapted to suit different personalities: in gold, in silver with a pretty round medal, in the shape of an angel or dove, engraved with the child’s first name or simply with their date of birth, anything is possible! 

2/ A money box:

Whether it’s for the Tooth Fairy, birthdays or gifts, a money box is always a useful item. These come in all shapes and colours, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for the little one you want to spoil. 

3/Kid’s bottle

Do you want a lasting gift? Choose one of our personalised insulated water bottles to accompany your child on a daily basis. 100% customisable with a wide choice of illustrations and colours, this gift is sure to please! 

4/ A “My first time” poster

Because every stage of a baby’s life is unforgettable. From their first steps to their first word and their first ice cream, all these stages can be recorded on a “My first time” poster for an unforgettable gift.  

5/ Children’s books and nursery rhymes

The bedtime story is essential for getting children to sleep, so with a nursery rhyme book you’re sure to make someone happy. You can also opt for audiobooks, so that little ones can hear their favourite stories whenever they like. 

6/ A watch

Learning to tell the time is a big step in a child’s life. Once again, you’ll have a wide choice of patterns, colours and designs to satisfy the lucky receiver. Whether they can already tell the time or are still learning, they’ll be delighted to receive their first watch. 


If you’re looking for a practical gift, think clothes! Dresses, outfits, shoes and coats are all must-have items! Don’t forget to label your children’s clothes before they go back to nursery or school with our personalised labels!   

8/ Christening photo puzzle

For a gift that’s just as original, but more fun, choose child-friendly photo puzzles! You choose the photo and the format, and there you have it. This creative activity will liven up any family day. 

9/ A souvenir book

The perfect gift for parents! This way, they can keep a written record of the milestones in their little ones’ early years and share it with them in years to come. 

10/ A nightlight

Owl, rabbit, turtle, whale or unicorn: nightlights come in a multitude of shapes, materials and designs including plush or silicone, aquatic effects and soothing sounds. This gift will make every little one’s night magical. 

Christening gift ideas for guests

Here’s an original list of gift ideas for guests. These unique and meaningful gifts are designed to celebrate a special occasion and will leave a lasting impression on each of your guests. 

Customised keyring:

Give your guests a keyring personalised with the baby’s name and the date of the christening. This is a practical gift that will always remind them of this joyful and symbolic moment. 

Scented candle:

Envelop your guests in a gentle ambiance with a scented candle. Choose soothing, relaxing fragrances to create an atmosphere of serenity. Personalise the label with the baby’s name and christening date for a personal touch. 

Bag of seeds:

Sow happiness among your guests with a bag of seeds. Choose symbolic flowers such as lavender, which represents tranquillity, or sunflowers, which symbolise joy. This is a gift that will grow and blossom just like the child.  

Mini photo album:

Capture the precious moments of your christening in a personalised mini photo album. Select a few special photos from the ceremony and create a unique album for each guest. Add captions and inspirational quotes to make this album even more special. 

Metal bookmark:

Give reading enthusiasts among your guests an elegant and practical metal bookmark. Personalise it with an engraving of the baby’s first name and the christening symbol. This is a gift that will accompany your guests through many captivating stories. 

These 5 gift ideas are a charming way to thank your guests for attending your child’s christening. Whichever you choose, each gift will be a precious reminder of your special day and a token of your gratitude. 

Check out our personalised christening labels too.