Draw me Kawaii characters

Draw-me a pirate

If your kids are fond of anything cute and kawaii, they can learn how to draw these little characters, such as the cat, the ice-cream, the lollipop or the panda!
As always, click on the blue links to download the tutorials for free. Let’s get kawaii!

You can print the characters of your choice and maybe even download them all:

– the cat
– the ice-cream 
– the sushi 

Kawaii Cat Tutorial     Kawaii Ice-cream Tutorial     Kawaii Sushi Tutorial

– the panda
– the donut 
– the lollipop

Kawaii Panda Tutorial     Kawaii Donut Tutorial     Kawaii Lollipop Tutorial

If your little ones are into the whole kawaii theme, you can also create the Kawaii Plant Pots or the Kawaii Toothfairy Boxes!