Draw me Indians

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Did you know that Indians, or Native Americans, used to live in tents called teepees in the Great Plains? They also used little boats, called canoes, to navigate the rivers of North America, and spears to hunt buffaloes. What is more, they built carved totem poles that told the history of their tribe!

In today’s ‘Draw Me’ tutorial, we are learning how to draw Indians: our simple activities for kids include a teepee, a canoe, an Indian, a buffalo, a totem and a skull.

Just click on the links below to download our free printable templates:

– a teepee
– a canoe
– an Indian

Learn How to Draw Indians - Teepee Learn How to Draw Indians - Canoe Learn How to Draw Indians - Native Indian






– a totem
– a buffalo
– a skull

Learn How to Draw Indians - Totem Learn How to Draw Indians - BuffaloLearn How to Draw Indians - Skull






For the little ones who love colouring, we also prepared this Indian-themed printable colouring picture:

Indian Colouring Activity

Learn How to Draw Indians - Colouring






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