Our labels for baby food jars

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Our labels for baby food jars

Save time and mark all your baby's homemade pots with pretty erasable stickers!  


Petit-Fernand has created 5 different sets of labels with very different graphics and colours. You are sure to find something you like! Each sheet is composed of 6 unique oval labels (4 x 5 cm).   


With their rewritable coating, you can identify all your child's purees and compotes with the date of preparation, erase and write again on the personalised labels for small pots. 


They are waterproof, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator resistant...


The ideal partner for toddlers' food diversification!  

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Our labels for baby food jars

Mark your baby's homemade applesauce and puree pots with pretty, erasable and rewritable self-adhesive labels. Our reusable labels are water, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator resistant... The ideal partner for the diversification of food for toddlers!


With its oval shape (4 x 5 cm), the reusable label fits perfectly on all glass and plastic pots. Use a marker to identify the ingredients and the date of each preparation of your delicious meals. After use, simply wipe off the writing with a damp sponge or rubbing alcohol, depending on the marker used.   


To personalise all your baby's other belongings, discover our iron-on labels to mark your baby's clothes, as well as our self-adhesive labels for your child's personal objects (shoes, kit and creams for the nursery, bottle...). Marking all your child's things becomes a real pleasure!  


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