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Our sticky school name tags

From 3.00 £ for 10 name labels

No more trips to lost property with Petit-Fernand‘s personalised stick-on name labels!

With 5 styles to choose from, the adhesite label will stick to all surfaces, to identify everything: from pencils to shoes, luggage to feeding bottles and all other smooth surfaces. The stick-on labels can be completely personalised, with a choice of 21 background colours and 10 font styles, and the possibility of including one of 80 illustrations.

Allow your children and those around them to easily find their belongings, at nursery, school, holiday camps and for all other extra-curricular activities.

* Delivered directly in your letterbox.

If you are ordering from your mobile phone, please select the small square and not the large one which is only the preview.

*This preview is not contractual. There might be subtle differences between the size and colour shown on screen and on your labels.

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Personalised sticky labels for lunchboxes, bottles, jars, shoes…

  • Mini labels (46 x 6 mm) are perfect for small surfaces, such as pens, felt-tips, pencils, toothbrushes, sunglasses, cultery, creams…
  • 1 line labels (56 x 11 mm) and 2 line labels (56 x 15 mm) can be chosen according to what kind of surface the label will be applied to: notebooks, pencil cases, exercise books, rulers, feeding-bottles, flasks, plates, beakers…
  • 4 line labels (56 x 36 mm) allow you to add an address and telephone number, to identify bags, luggage, stachels, changing bags…
  • Shoe labels (30×30 mm) for everything your child puts on their feet!

* Our 15 classic colours: white, canary yellow, orange, poppy red, apple green, rose pink, fuchsia, purple, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, taupe, chocolate brown, stone grey and black.

Our 6 colours of the season: baby pink, mauve, russet red, sea green, turquoise and cerulean blue.

* What can it stick to?

The stick on name labels can be applied to most smooth surfaces, as well as: shoes, school stationery, childcare accessories, lunch boxes, personal belongings and shoes..

They are dishwasher and microwave resistant.